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DSC 0152-2 Children at AAE after completing plastic clean up day with teachers Makenson and Jean Johnnel
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Thanks to the 2011 donations, AAE has purchased the premises in Anse-à-Galets that were previsouly rented.

Thanks to many actors involved AAE has completed the satellite Internet connection in Anse-à-Galets. Cloud servers will arrive before the end of 2012 targeting online education and furthering A.A.E. income-generating activities along with a public WiFi hot spot, mobile recharging service and cold drinks sale point. We have started a small library in the HQ building, aside the computer classes.
Our July TRIP FIELD REPORT 2012 accomplished several targets and started a number of income-generating projects [PHOTOS]

AAE Work Report No.2
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AAE Work Report No. 3
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Some 55 fruit trees have been planted on our land in Palma, plus banana circle and vegetables.

AAE recived a Permaculture International grant to help estabish a nursery, a vetiver cultivation and a small seed bank. The food produced here will be devoted to feed the school children’s meals in nearby Nan Coton and the surplus would be for commercial purposes at the local market or with direct sale.

We have grown, propagated and distributed vetiver in view of re-establishing optimal soil condition in the surrounding areas. Some 4,000 new seedlings have been donated and are being picked up from the mainland.

Nan Coton

AAE has purchased 2.2 acres to build a green school and training/community centre as there is no school in the entire region other than a 90 pupils school that charges a fee. School meals will be mostly supplied by the Palma land. To this effect the school is also to support families produce, of which a portion is to be resold to the school at special price.

We hope to find a building project manager soon and start the education centre in 2012. Our July 2012 trip has secured the land titles for the three AAE properties, without which AAE could not start construction.
We would like for AAE to also have a chemist’s point of sales in this area.

Mare Sucrin, Nan Riske

Mare Sucrin and Nan Riske are AAE other branches, also run by unpaid volunteers. Other villages have asked to join AAE and we are working at expanding our program to all.

A.A.E. continues to work at the cholera-prevention campaign in all of our branches as well as another 17 villages, and it has managed to greatly contain the spread. Therefore – and with little help form everyone - La Gonâve remains a safer and healthier place than Haiti’s unfortunate mainland.

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