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Cholera Update for the New Year
Written by Editor •  Sunday, 23 January 2011 23:48   
A.A.E. continues to work at the cholera-prevention campaign in all of our branches as well as another 17 villages, and it has managed to greatly contain the spread. Therefore – and with little help form anyone else - La Gonâve remains a safe and healthier place than Haiti’s unfortunate mainland.
Cholera prevention Campaign
Written by Editor •  Thursday, 09 December 2010 08:00   
Late November 2010, all of A.A.E. operations on La Gonâve were halted.

A few cases of cholera appeared in La Gonâve and it was paramount to shield the island from the spreading of the disease.

According to our sources, no authority took any relevant action in the island, so A.A.E. asked us for some fund to purchase basic anti-cholera equipment and hired some transportation to travel throughout the island to instruct the population on how to stop cholera from spreading.

The photos show that the members of the community are all now wearing shoes, something rarely seen before, as TransmarinePro and Sailors Without Border well know. Last April, they brought shoes for the population and we thank them for it, as now shoes are a precious item against the spreading of cholera.

– Association Amis des Enfants Australia Inc.
Five Cases of Cholera Reported
Written by Editor •  Sunday, 21 November 2010 08:00   
As of 21 November, 2010, only some five cases of cholera have been reported around Anse-a’-Galets.

As usual, government, religious and international aid are inconspicuous, A.A.E. has taken prevention in its hands as it can, carrying out preventative measures in 10 schools, at the markets and at the pier, providing disinfecting procedures to incoming/outcoming people.

The hospital situation in La Gonâve is abysmal with only a couple of small, religious clinics; should cholera spread, the island would yet again be left to fend for itself.

Once more, the lack of aid indicates that it is paramount that La Gonâve becomes self sufficient and ceases it dependency from the mainland.
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