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Welcome to A.A.E., La Gonâve, Haiti!
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Gonâve Island (French: Île de la Gonâve): 18°50′N 73°05′W

Welcome to La Gonâve, the largest Haitian island. Electricity was cut in 1987, roads and sewerage were never built, and water resources are non-existent. In this heat, food perishes in a few hours, IF and WHEN there is food. Importing from mainland Haiti is financially prohibitive. With the help of 1-877-DRPIPES and other companies, we are working on our infrastructure.

This is the Caribbean, beautiful but different from its more affluent neighbours. If you know how to live with nothing, the island is magnificent and so are its inhabitants – as testified by their honesty and determination to become self-sufficient.
Ferry dock to La Gonave
Ferry dock to La Gonave
Welcome also to A.A.E. which started out as A.J.A.G., with 15 children. We now cater for 300+ children due to the refugees influx to the island. Our meal plan is on hold for the time being, as targets had to be refocused. Food has become prohibitively expensive with the added transportation costs to the island.
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